Endodontics Festival Course

Date 27 Nov,2020

Place Baron Hotel

Endodontics Festival Course

27 Nov,2020

  Endodontics Festival Course 

1- CBCT in Endodontics
     A. Identify the limitations of conventional radiography in endodontic diagnosis.
     B. Identify the indications and advantages of CBCT in endodontic treatment planning. 
     C. Learn and practice how to interpret CBCTs to recognize 
          Presence of missed canals 
Restorative defects 
Proximity to vital structures 
Vertical and oblique root fractures 
Abnormal tooth morphology 
Root perforations.
2- Evidence based approach in management of various endodontic challenges
A. Anatomical Diversity of Root Canal Space Morphology and Clinical Guide to Perform Perfect     
Access Cavity Preparation.
B. Techniques of Mechanical preparation of root canals.
C. Innovations of root canal preparation Instruments , Evolution of Rotary Instrumentation.
D. The Myth of Nickel Titanium alloys and their evolution along different phases and generations and their clinical impact.
E. Different Rotary Systems, How to Get the Advantage of Every system and Combine Systems together.
3- 3D Obturation: Current Concepts & Controversies
  A. Identify the importance of efficiently seal root canal system.
  B. Identify the ideal time, length control & preparation for obturation.
  C. Recognize ideal root canal filling materials.
  D. Recent devices & techniques to perform 3D filling. 
4- Bioceramics in Endodontics 
A. Access cavity preparation on an Upper Molar or Lower Molar.
B. Mechanical Preparation using Rotary Ni-Ti on Artificial block. (M-Pro System)
C. Mechanical Preparation using Rotary Ni-Ti on Extracted Molar.
D. Obturation of Root canal of extracted molar.
E. Non-Surgical Endodontic Retreatment 
F. Diagnosis & Etiology of post-treatment disease. 
G. Treatment planning. 
H. Regaining access to apical area. 
I. Management of canal barriers. 
J. Root perforation repair with MTA. 
K. Apical MTA plug 

The lecturers

 Prof. Shehab El-din Mohamed Saber

Prof. Ahmed Mustafa Farghaly
Dr. Mohamed Mohsen Aboelhassan
Dr. Wagih Tarek


 price: 4500 L.E


Endodontics Festival Course
Endodontics Festival Course
Endodontics Festival Course
Endodontics Festival Course